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Hangzhou Ontime I.T. Co., Ltd is a leading professional provider of smart retail solutions, which includes EAS loss prevention solution, RFID etched antenna, RFID application, digital security display, electronic shelf label and smart retail interaction system in retail industry.
The new factory of ONTIME RFID Etched Antenna is located in Sian, Changxing. It comes into use in 2018 , and covers an area of 40,000 square meters. At present, it has 10 etching lines and annual production capacity of more than 10 billion RFID aluminum etching antennas. The company will focus on improving quality and reducing costs. In the next three years, our target will be to expand production capacity to more than 20 billion. Now, more than 18 billion antennas have been provided to customers worldwide.
UHF Etched antenna
RFID UHF etching antenna, working frequency between 860MHZ and 960MHZ, with a long reading distance, up to 10 meters. The global definition of the frequency is not the same: Europe and parts of Asia defined the frequency range between 865-868mhz, North America defined the frequency range between 902-928mhz, China use of 920-925mhz. It is widely used in shoes and clothing retail, logistics management, warehouse management, production line automation management and application.
HF Etched antenna
RFID HF etching antenna, working frequency 13.56MHz, with close identification distance but low price and good confidentiality. It is widely used as a bus card, access control card, driver's license, passport, etc.
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